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 We distribute wide variety of FISH probes from GSP lab,Inc. The FISH probes are designed for specialized for human chromosomal analysis. 

If you cannot find perfect FISH probe for your research,

let us make it for you. For more detail, please contact us


We supply more than 300 types of high quality FISH probes from GSP Lab,.Inc. These FISH probes are very sensitive and reliable. 


Search by chromosome number

Whole product lineup


More than 300 probes are avaialbe. Please check from here

CEN and subtelomere FISH probes

You could select fluorescent dye from TexRed, FITC, R6G, DEAC, or Cy5 for our CEN FISH probe and Subtelomere FISH probe. For more detail, please contact us.

FISH probes for iPS/ES cell research 

We provides high quality and easy to use FISH probes for iPS/ES research. For detail, please click here. 


400 Continental Blvd 6th floor, El Segundo, CA 90245  

Phone number: 818-456-8235  Fax: 310-356-3234  Email:

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